[Numpy-discussion] Missing docstrings

David Huard david.huard at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 13:46:53 CDT 2006

For the first release, it would be nice if every function had a
docstring, even a small one. There are 279 callable items in the numpy
namespace, and 94 of those lack a docstring, albeit most of those
probably don't get much usage.  
To help the process, I filed Ticket #174 and attached a couple of
docstrings, feel free to add your own. 

Missing docstrings:
['issubsctype', 'unicode_', 'string', 'float96', 'pkgload', 'void',
'unicode0', 'void0', 'object0', 'memmap', 'nan_to_num', 'PackageLoader',
'object_', 'dtype', 'unsignedinteger', 'uintc', 'uint0', 'uint8',
'chararray', 'uint64', 'finfo', 'add_newdoc', 'array_repr', 'array_str',
'longlong', 'int16', 'mat', 'uint', 'correlate', 'int64', 'choose',
'complexfloating', 'recarray', 'mean', 'str_', 'ulonglong', 'matrix',
'uint32', 'byte', 'ctypes_load_library', 'signedinteger', 'ndim',
'number', 'bool8', 'msort', 'bool_', 'inexact', 'broadcast', 'short',
'ubyte', 'std', 'double', 'require', 'take', 'issubclass_', 'longfloat',
'deprecate', 'bincount', 'array2string', 'float64', 'ushort', 'float_',
'geterrobj', 'iterable', 'intp', 'flexible', 'sctype2char',
'longdouble', 'flatiter', 'generic', 'show_config', 'i0', 'uintp',
'character', 'uint16', 'float32', 'int32', 'integer',
'get_printoptions', 'seterrobj', 'add_docstring', 'intc', 'var', 'int_',
'histogram', 'issubdtype', 'int0', 'int8', 'record', 'obj2sctype',
'single', 'floating', 'test', 'string0'] 



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