[Numpy-discussion] NumPy beta release plan

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Jul 10 18:32:04 CDT 2006

Sasha wrote:

>I would like to add my voice to a call for single prefix (I like
>PyArray_ for everything, but can live with npy_).   Presumably npy_
>vs. NPY_ variation is supposed to distinguish between macros and C
>language elements, but as long as the stem is properly capitalized, I
>don't see a problem of using the same prefix for everything.
>In any case, if more than one prefix is used, it would be helpful to
>get some guidance on what to use when.

PyArray_  --- Functions and/or macro-functions
NPY_        --- Constants or enums
npy_         ---  typedef'd types (npy_int16, npy_float32, npy_intp)


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