[Numpy-discussion] calling a f2py made module with numarray (mem shared with numpy ?)

Sebastian Haase haase at msg.ucsf.edu
Tue Jul 18 23:04:47 CDT 2006

Having to use Fortran again, I had a look at f2py ..
I looks really great !! Everything seems to run out of the box !!
Thanks a lot !

I think I tried
intend(inout)  <some array>  and then fed in an array object that really 
  was an numarray as opposed to a numpy array.

I was surprised that the array did not get altered by the function !
If I assign numpyArray = numpy.asarray(numarrayArr)
don't numpyArray  and numarrayArr share identical memory for their data?

Another observation I made was that a C-contiguous array of rank 2 was 
not accepted by 'intend(inout)' (the error message said that it had to 
be FORTRAN-contiguous  - as opposed to the f2py documentation I read online
which says : fortran OR c contiguous )

Thanks for another great tool !
Sebastian Haase

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