[Numpy-discussion] What to do about numarray extension modules?

Peter Verveer verveer at embl-heidelberg.de
Wed Jul 19 02:10:51 CDT 2006

I am the author of nd_image. In my opinion the package should remain  
in SciPy, where it indeed belongs. The only reason it was in numarray  
is that there was no such thing as SciPy for numarray.

Although it is relatively bug-free and has a reasonable amount of  
image processing functions, it could stand a lot of improvement.  
Including it in a base NumPy package would be a mistake, as it is not  
a fully optimized and finished package.

nd_image should install easily as a separate package, hence it could  
be included in SciPy while maintaining the possibility for standalone  


> I'd like to get suggestions about what to do about the remaining
> numarray extension modules that are not addressed in NumPy (convolve,
> image, nd_image).   There will be people coming from numarray that  
> will
> be using these modules.
> Of course, my opinion is that they should not have been placed in
> Numarray to begin with as the fit better as modules in SciPy.
> But, given the situation.  Should we bring them over to NumPy?  Or,
> perhaps provide a small package that contain these modules separately?
> With the numarray c_api that is now available in NumPy, these can be
> easily ported.  It would be nice to have decided this by 1.0beta  
> release
> at the end of the week.
> Discussion please...
> -Travis
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