[Numpy-discussion] I've created a 1.0b1 release tag in SVN

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Wed Jul 26 16:08:07 CDT 2006

Robert Kern wrote:
> Let's not make a branch until 1.0 is actually out and we are making 1.0.x 
> releases. It's confusing since at the moment, the trunk is not getting any 
> activity. It's not the main trunk of development. Some people have already come 
> to the list confused about where to get the code with fixes to the bugs they've 
> reported. The branches are getting too far diverged at the moment. It's going to 
> be hell merging them, and we are going to lose the revision history when we do 
> merge. The revision messages won't be joined with the the changes they talk about.

This is sound reasoning.  I was way too pre-mature in making a ver1.0 
branch.  I had thought that backward incompatible changes would go into 
the trunk and the ver1.0 branch would be more or less stable.  But this 
was not a wise move as I'm beginning to see.   If somebody wants to 
experiment with a change, they can make a branch...

The trunk should be the main line of development.   I apologize for my 
stumbling over these software-release issues.  I'm really not a 
software-manager at heart --- do we have any volunteers for a 
release-manager :-)

I'm going to re-number the trunk to 0.9.9. 

I'm also going to delete the ver1.0 branch and chalk that up to a 
learning mistake.

We will make a 1.0 branch for building maintenance releases from as soon 
as 1.0 comes out officially which won't be for a few months --- Let's 
target the first of October, for now.


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