[Numpy-discussion] weave and Numeric vs. weave and numpy

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Fri Jul 28 11:29:25 CDT 2006

Rolf Wester wrote:
> David Grant wrote:
>> A factor of 2! Is that short for a factor of **2?
> That means Numeric/weave takes about 17 s (on my PC), and the 
> numby/weave version takes about 32 s.

Please show your code.  There are several factors that have changed 
here.   For example,  Python 2.4 is different that Python 2.3. 

There are only a few usages when Numeric is faster than NumPy and in 
most of these using regular Python lists is faster than Numeric and 
NumPy anyway. 

Nonetheless, there are still improvements that can be made to NumPy.  
Which version of NumPy are you using?


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