[Numpy-discussion] sets in python and/or numpy

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 17:57:03 CDT 2006

David Grant wrote:
> I find myself needing the set operations provided by python 2.4 such as 
> intersection, difference, or even just the advantages of the data 
> strucure itself, like that fact that I can try adding something to it 
> and if it's already there, it won't get added again. Will my decision to 
> use of the python 'set' datastructure come back to haunt me later by 
> being too slow?

If you are adding stuff few items at a time to large sets, it is likely that 
set() may be better for you O()-wise. However, the only way to know which method 
will be faster would be to try it yourself with your data.

> Is there anything equivalent in scipy or numpy that I 
> can use? I find myself going between numpy arrays and sets a lot because 
> I sometimes need to treat it like an array to use some of the array 
> functions.

Robert Cimrman wrote a number of set operations (union, intersection, 
difference) for arrays in numpy.lib.arraysetops . There have been some recent 
discussions on improving them, especially in the face of inf, nan, and other 
such floating point beasties.

> Sorry for cross-posting to scipy and numpy... is that a bad idea?

Yes. Please reserve cross-posting for announcements and other such things that 
don't require follow-up discussions. Cross-posted discussions can get a bit 
hairy. For questions like these ("Is there something in numpy or scipy to do 
foo?"), there is enough cross-readership that it really doesn't matter if you 
only ask one list.

Robert Kern

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