[Numpy-discussion] Stox Market Standout

Dustin Thorpe Kennithronen at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 31 22:06:38 CDT 2006

Good day Numpy-discussion.
AGA Resources, Inc. Appoints New Chairman and Vice Chairman
Mon, 31 Jul 2006 22:06:38 -0500

The Chinese Market is RED HOT!!!  The china sector is bringing 
investors and day-traders HUGE returns.  This one jumped last week, 

and we have the feeling another climb up the charts are in place!  
With two of the most prominent chinese businessmen Mr Xin Wei and 
Mr John Hui now on board, big things are planned for the future.

Company: AGA Resources, Inc. 
Ticker: Agao 
Price: $2.05 
Short Term_Target: $4
Long Term_Target: $8
Rating: 10(10) StR0NG BuY/Hold

Read all about the Big News on Yahoo Finance!

This company is going to continue to grow on an exceptionally fast 
track. AGA Resources is already engaged in business contracts with 
General Motors, Shell Oil, Sprint, General Electric, Porsche, 
Proctor & Gamble, and the list goes on and on!

Keep an eye out for more HUGE weekly news and watch this thing 
trade like crazy on Tuesday Aug 1,2006

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