[Numpy-discussion] ndarray of matrices

Alexandre Guimond alexandre.guimond at mirada-solutions.com
Thu Jun 8 05:39:00 CDT 2006

Hi all.


i work mainly with "volume" (3d) images, and numpy.ndarray answers most
of my needs (addition of images, etc.). The problem I'm faced now with
is that I have images of matrices and vectors and would like that when I
do image_of_matrices * image_of_vector is does the dot product of each
of my matrices with all of my vectors, and when I do
image_of_matrices.mean() it gives me the mean matrix. Basically, I want
the same functionalities that are currently provided with scalars, but
applied to matrices.


It seems that a nice way of doing this is to have and ndarray of
numpy.matrix, but this isn't supported it seems. Can anyone recommend a
good way of implementing this? I'm new with the numpy thing and I'm not
sure if subclassing ndarray is a good idea since I'll have to overload
all the operators and i don't believe this will result in a very fast
implementation, but I might be mistaken. Another possibility may be to
create a new dtype for numpy.matrix, but I don't know if this is
possible. Anyone have recommandations?


Thx for any help.



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