[Numpy-discussion] Any Numeric or numarray users on this list?

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Fri Jun 9 18:57:46 CDT 2006

Thanks for your response to the questionaire.

>>3) Please, explain your reason(s) for not making the switch. (if  
>>you answered No to #2)
>Lack of time. Some of the changes from Numeric are subtle and require  
>a careful analysis of the code, and then careful testing. For big  
>applications, that's a lot of work. There are also modules (I am  
>thinking of RNG) that have been replaced by something completely  
>different that needs to be evaluated first.

You may be interested to note that I just added the RNG interface to 
numpy for back-wards compatibility.  
It can be accessed and used by re-placing

import RNG


import numpy.random.oldrng as RNG

Best regards,


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