[Numpy-discussion] speed of numpy vs matlab on dot product

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 17:31:49 CDT 2006

JJ wrote:
> Any ideas on where to look for a speedup?  If the
> problem is that it could not locate the atlas
> ibraries, how might I assure that numpy finds the
> atlas libraries.  I can recompile and send along the
> results if it would help.  

Run ldd(1) on the file lapack_lite.so . It should show you what dynamic
libraries it is linked against.

> PS.  I first sent this to the scipy mailing list, but
> it didnt seem to make it there.

That's okay. This is actually the right place. All of the functions you used are
numpy functions, not scipy.

Robert Kern

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