[Numpy-discussion] incorporating C/C++ code

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Thu Jun 29 14:18:25 CDT 2006

Louis Cordier wrote:
>> At this point I would not use SWIG or Instant.

In general, SWIG makes sense if you have a substantial existing library 
that you need access to, and particularly if that library is evolving 
and needs to be used directly from C/C++ code as well.

If you are writing C/C++ code specifically to be used as a python 
extension, pyrex and boost::python are good choices. There was a Numeric 
add-on to boost::python at one point, I don't know if anyone has 
modified it for numpy.

> I was wondering if there where any issues with say using Psyco
> with NumPy ?  http://psyco.sourceforge.net/

Psyco knows nothing of numpy arrays, and thus can only access them as 
generic Python objects -- so it won't help.

A couple years ago, someone wrote a micro-Numeric package that used 
python arrays as the base storage, and ran it with psyco with pretty 
impressive results. What that tells me is that if psyco could be taught 
to understand numpy arrays, (or at least the generic array interface) it 
could work well. It would be a lot of work, however.


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