[Numpy-discussion] in-line skate

Dorian Mclean sdixovbpkufm at mjwinvestments.com
Tue Jun 6 17:26:39 CDT 2006

Most stock brokers give out their new issues only to their
largest commission paying clients.
We Told you to WATCH  A B S Y  and now its up again today.
We assume many of you like to "trade the promotion" and may
have made some big, fast money doing so.
Breaking news alert issue - big news coming.

Trade Date : Monday, June 7th, 2006
Ticker :  A B S Y 
Yes, it looks like the momentum has started up again.
Current Price : $0.95
2 weeks high : $1
Recommendation : S T R O N G  B U Y

 A B S Y  is a high growth issue and should be purchased by stock
traders and those that can afford to make quick money on these
fast moving issues.
This stock could reach record highs in the near future.
This company is doing incredible things.
The stocks we profile show a significant increase in stock
price and sometimes in days, not months or years.
Remember this is a  S T R O N G  B U Y  RECOMMENDATION...

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