[Numpy-discussion] .debs of numpy-0.9.8 available for Ubuntu Dapper

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Thu Jun 8 12:33:58 CDT 2006

Pau Gargallo wrote:
> is your effort somehow related to
> http://packages.debian.org/experimental/python/python2.3-numpy
> ?
> it is a bit out of date, but already in experimental.
I did have a look at their packaging infrastructure. It was breaking for 
me with numpy-0.9.8, so I started my debian/rules from scratch (and 
tried several methods along the way -- both debhelper and cdbs based). 
Now, upon re-looking at their debian/rules which is also cdbs based, I 
can see they have some nice code I should use (regarding installation of 
documentation and f2py). I'll try to integrate their changes into my 
next release. At that point I may simply be maintaining a more 
up-to-date version of theirs.

They also package new scipy. I'll see if I can leverage their efforts 
when I try to package that.

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