[Numpy-discussion] dealing with large arrays

Eric Firing efiring at hawaii.edu
Mon Jun 12 20:07:45 CDT 2006

Mathew Yeates wrote:
> Hi
> I typically deal with very large arrays that don't fit in memory. How 
> does Numpy handle this? In Matlab I can use memory mapping but I would 
> prefer caching as is done in The Gimp.

Numpy has a memmap array constructor; as it happens, I was using it for 
the first time today, and it is working fine.  There doesn't seem to be 
a docstring, but in ipython if you do

import numpy as N

you will see the python wrapper which will show you the arguments to the 
constructor.  You can also look in Travis's book, but the arguments have 
changed slightly since the version of the book that I have.


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