[Numpy-discussion] Don't like the short names like lstsq and irefft

Scott Ransom sransom at nrao.edu
Wed Jun 14 22:20:54 CDT 2006

I'll add my 2 cents to this and agree with David.   Arguments
about how short name are important for interactive work are pretty
bogus given the beauty of modern tab-completion.  And I'm not sure
what other arguments there are...


On Wed, Jun 14, 2006 at 11:13:25PM -0400, David M. Cooke wrote:
> After working with them for a while, I'm going to go on record and say that I
> prefer the long names from Numeric and numarray (like linear_least_squares,
> inverse_real_fft, etc.), as opposed to the short names now used by default in
> numpy (lstsq, irefft, etc.). I know you can get the long names from
> numpy.dft.old, numpy.linalg.old, etc., but I think the long names are better
> defaults.
> Abbreviations aren't necessary unique (quick! what does eig() return by
> default?), and aren't necessarily obvious. A Google search for irfft vs.
> irefft for instance turns up only the numpy code as (English) matches for
> irefft, while irfft is much more common.
> Also, Numeric and numarray compatibility is increased by using the long
> names: those two don't have the short ones.
> Fitting names into 6 characters when out of style decades ago. (I think
> MS-BASIC running under CP/M on my Rainbow 100 had a restriction like that!)
> My 2 cents...
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