[Numpy-discussion] array creation speed comparison

Eric Firing efiring at hawaii.edu
Tue Jun 20 15:33:57 CDT 2006

In the course of trying to speed up matplotlib, I did a little 
experiment that may indicate a place where numpy can be sped up: the 
creation of a 2-D array from a list of tuples.  Using the attached 
script, I find that numarray is roughly 5x faster than either numpy or 

[efiring at manini tests]$ python test_array.py
array size: 10000 2
number of loops: 100
numpy 10.89
numpy2 6.57
numarray 1.77
numarray2 0.76
Numeric 8.2
Numeric2 4.36

[efiring at manini tests]$ python test_array.py
array size: 100 2
number of loops: 100
numpy 0.11
numpy2 0.06
numarray 0.03
numarray2 0.01
Numeric 0.08
Numeric2 0.05

The numarray advantage persists for relatively small arrays (100x2; 
second example) and larger ones (10000x2; first example).  In each case, 
the second test for a given package (e.g., numpy2) is the result with 
the type of the array element specified in advance, and the first (e.g., 
numpy) is without such specification.

The versions I used are:

In [3]:Numeric.__version__
In [5]:numarray.__version__
In [7]:numpy.__version__

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