[Numpy-discussion] Numpy Benchmarking

Filip Wasilewski filip at ftv.pl
Wed Jun 28 06:00:31 CDT 2006

Jens wrote:

> Dennis V. Perepelitsa wrote:

>>Hi, all.
>>I've run some benchmarks comparing the performance of scipy, numpy, 
>>Numeric and numarray vs. MATLAB. There's also the beginnings of a 
>>benchmark framework included. The results are online at:
>>     http://web.mit.edu/jonas/www/bench/

> It's a little hard to see the curves for small matrix size, N.  How 
> about plotting the time divided by the theoretical number of operations
> - which would be N^2 or N^3.

Or use some logarithmic scale (one or both axis) where applicable.


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