[Numpy-discussion] incorporating C/C++ code

Philip Austin paustin at eos.ubc.ca
Thu Jun 29 14:35:39 CDT 2006

Christopher Barker writes:

 > If you are writing C/C++ code specifically to be used as a python 
 > extension, pyrex and boost::python are good choices. There was a Numeric 
 > add-on to boost::python at one point, I don't know if anyone has 
 > modified it for numpy.

Yes, I've been migrating my extensions to numpy and will put up a new
num_util.h version on the site
(http://www.eos.ubc.ca/research/clouds/num_util.html) this weekend
(it's about a 10 line diff).  When I get a chance I'm also planning to
add a page to the scipy wiki so we can see the same extension wrapped
with boost, swig, f2py and pyrex. -- Phil

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