[Numpy-discussion] numpy.dot gives wrong results with floats?

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Wed Mar 1 09:33:05 CST 2006

Jonathan Taylor wrote:

>Is there a test for this in the test suite.? It looks really bad for
>numpy if ppl cant do matrix multiplication properly on released
>versions. :(
There are tests for matrix multiplication, just not one for this 
particular path through the code which is scalar multiplication by a row 
vector.   (This is the optimized _dotblas.c code by the way which was 
just changed in 0.9.5 to try and make it faster -- obviously some bugs 
crept in at the same time).     But, these bugs were quickly fixed when 
they were made apparent.

That's why we are still not at 1.0 yet.   

Feel free to contribute more tests. 


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