[Numpy-discussion] gcc-4.1

Darren Dale dd55 at cornell.edu
Mon Mar 13 16:44:02 CST 2006

Has anyone been able to build numpy with gcc-4.1? I upgraded gcc on my home 
computer this weekend from glibc-2.3.6 and gcc-3.4.5 to glibc-2.4 and 
gcc-4.1. When I try to build numpy I get warnings like "warning: build_ext: 
fcompiler=gnu is not available." I tried forcing numpy to use gfortran with 
"python setup.py config_fc --fcompiler=gnu95 build", and got the same warning 
for fcompiler=gnu95.

Here is the output of "gfortran --version":

GNU Fortran 95 (GCC) 4.1.0 (Gentoo 4.1.0)
Copyright (C) 2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

GNU Fortran comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.
You may redistribute copies of GNU Fortran
under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
For more information about these matters, see the file named COPYING

And here is the output of "python setup.py config_fc --help-fcompiler":

Running from numpy source directory.
running config_fc
customize CompaqFCompiler
customize NoneFCompiler
customize AbsoftFCompiler
Could not locate executable ifort
Could not locate executable ifc
Could not locate executable ifort
Could not locate executable efort
Could not locate executable efc
customize IntelFCompiler
Could not locate executable g77
Could not locate executable f77
Could not locate executable f95
customize GnuFCompiler
customize SunFCompiler
customize VastFCompiler
customize GnuFCompiler
customize IbmFCompiler
customize Gnu95FCompiler
customize IntelVisualFCompiler
customize G95FCompiler
customize IntelItaniumFCompiler
customize PGroupFCompiler
customize LaheyFCompiler
customize CompaqVisualFCompiler
customize MipsFCompiler
customize HPUXFCompiler
customize IntelItaniumVisualFCompiler
customize NAGFCompiler
List of available Fortran compilers:
List of unavailable Fortran compilers:
  --fcompiler=absoft   Absoft Corp Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=compaq   Compaq Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=compaqv  DIGITAL|Compaq Visual Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=g95      GNU Fortran 95 Compiler
  --fcompiler=gnu      GNU Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=gnu95    GNU 95 Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=hpux     HP Fortran 90 Compiler
  --fcompiler=ibm      IBM XL Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=intel    Intel Fortran Compiler for 32-bit apps
  --fcompiler=intele   Intel Fortran Compiler for Itanium apps
  --fcompiler=intelev  Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for Itanium apps
  --fcompiler=intelv   Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for 32-bit apps
  --fcompiler=lahey    Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 Compiler
  --fcompiler=mips     MIPSpro Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=nag      NAGWare Fortran 95 Compiler
  --fcompiler=none     Fake Fortran compiler
  --fcompiler=pg       Portland Group Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=sun      Sun|Forte Fortran 95 Compiler
  --fcompiler=vast     Pacific-Sierra Research Fortran 90 Compiler
List of unimplemented Fortran compilers:
  --fcompiler=f  Fortran Company/NAG F Compiler
For compiler details, run 'config_fc --verbose' setup command.


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