[Numpy-discussion] Status of pyfits with numpy?

Christopher Hanley chanley at stsci.edu
Thu Mar 16 11:12:11 CST 2006


We are in the process of preparing an "alpha" release of a 
numpy-compatible version of pyfits.  I have recently merged my 
numpy-pyfits branch with the pyfits trunk so if you do not wish to wait 
for a release you can grab it our of SVN with:

svn co http://astropy.scipy.org/svn/pyfits/trunk pyfits

This version of pyfits is not well tested but you are welcome to try it 
out and send me bug reports.

A couple of people have already tried an earlier version and have 
reported some issues with the table support.  We are currently working 
to address those issues.

If you have both numpy and numarray installed you can make pyfits switch 
between them by setting an environment variable called NUMERIX.  NUMERIX 
= 'numarray' for numarray.  NUMERIX = 'numpy' for numpy.  If the 
variable isn't set, and both packages are installed, pyfits will default 
to the numarray version.  If only one package is installed then pyfits 
will use that package.


Andrew Jaffe wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is a numpy-compatible version of pyfits nearing stability? I see that 
> there is a pyfits-numpy branch visible on the trac browser -- is that 
> available and stable enough for public use?
> Thanks,
> Andrew

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