[Numpy-discussion] Re: Status of pyfits with numpy?

Andrew Jaffe a.h.jaffe at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 00:31:05 CST 2006

Dear Chris,

Thanks -- that's great. In a quick sprint to read the new WMAP satellite 
data, the table support seems to work for me at first glance. Can I ask 
what sort of trouble has been reported?


Christopher Hanley wrote:
> Andrew,
> We are in the process of preparing an "alpha" release of a 
> numpy-compatible version of pyfits.  I have recently merged my 
> numpy-pyfits branch with the pyfits trunk so if you do not wish to wait 
> for a release you can grab it our of SVN with:
> svn co http://astropy.scipy.org/svn/pyfits/trunk pyfits
> This version of pyfits is not well tested but you are welcome to try it 
> out and send me bug reports.
> A couple of people have already tried an earlier version and have 
> reported some issues with the table support.  We are currently working 
> to address those issues.
> If you have both numpy and numarray installed you can make pyfits switch 
> between them by setting an environment variable called NUMERIX.  NUMERIX 
> = 'numarray' for numarray.  NUMERIX = 'numpy' for numpy.  If the 
> variable isn't set, and both packages are installed, pyfits will default 
> to the numarray version.  If only one package is installed then pyfits 
> will use that package.
> Chris
> Andrew Jaffe wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Is a numpy-compatible version of pyfits nearing stability? I see that 
>> there is a pyfits-numpy branch visible on the trac browser -- is that 
>> available and stable enough for public use?
>> Thanks,
>> Andrew
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