[Numpy-discussion] Access to C/C++, typemaps, pyrex...

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Thu Mar 23 11:43:06 CST 2006

A Dijous 23 Març 2006 19:35, Travis Oliphant va escriure:
> Well, there is the __array_struct__ method that should return a C-Object
> pointer with all the information in it about the array.
> To see how to use this look at the Numeric or numpy code (do a grep on
> __array_struct__ and you will find the relevant sections of code).
> I noticed that the Pyrex cookbook had an example with using the generic
> interface.

I've just noticed it. That's great, but I don't understand the code
quite well. In particular, if, as the introduction says, this offers
"a view of the data without actually copying the data itself", then
why the next line is needed?:

    self.data=<fiptr>malloc( bufsize )

Oh, well, I think I've to study more the example.


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