[Numpy-discussion] Ransom Proposals

Tim Hochberg tim.hochberg at cox.net
Mon Mar 27 09:51:04 CST 2006

Travis Oliphant wrote:

> Sasha wrote:
>> I never said that. What I said was x.reshape(shape) returns x itself
>> if shape==x.shape and a view othrwise.  
> Is this true?  I just checked on it and it didn't seem to be the 
> case.  Perhaps this was "fixed" during the recent reshape bug-fix.
It looks like the bug is in PyArray_Ravel. array_reshape calls 
PyArray_Ravel if the newshape has dimension-1 (line 77 of array_methods.c):

        if (newshape.len == 1) {
            return PyArray_Ravel(self, 0);

Ravel in turn, returns self if the array is already flat (line 187 of 

        if (!fortran && PyArray_ISCONTIGUOUS(a)) {
            if (a->nd == 1) {
                return (PyObject *)a;
            return PyArray_Newshape(a, &newdim, PyArray_CORDER);

It looks like ripping out the second if statement would fix everything, 
but I haven't tried it yet.


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