[Numpy-discussion] reshape and ravel methods of arrays now return views or raise error

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Tue Mar 28 13:38:02 CST 2006

It look's like Tim's arguments have won out for the most part.

The .reshape and .ravel methods of arrays now return views only or raise 
an error if that is not possible.  However, both of these methods still 
have an order argument because I don't think it is prudent to have 
a.transpose().ravel() automatically column-scan --- you have to tell 
ravel you want a Fortran-order result.

The reshape and ravel functions behave exactly as they used to (view if 
possible, copy otherwise).  I don't think these functions should be 
deprecated.  I don't think any of the functional interfaces should be 
deprecated, either.

Part of the reason for the change is that it was not disruptive. None of 
the NumPy code broke (except for a small piece of arrayprint) after the 
change.  None of the SciPy code broke either (as far as I can tell). 

Hopefully we can put this to rest and move on to more important issues...


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