[Numpy-discussion] Re: fold distutils back into Python distro?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Wed Mar 1 17:16:19 CST 2006

    Robert> numpy.distutils (nee scipy_distutils) is not really a fork. It's
    Robert> just a set of extensions to distutils. One of the primary
    Robert> features is handling extensions with FORTRAN code. If you can
    Robert> convince Guido that standard distutils ought to handle FORTRAN,
    Robert> then we might have a deal.

I see no reason why that wouldn't be possible in principle.  After all, the
bdist_* stuff keeps growing to handle a number of different package formats.

    Robert> Some of the other features might be rolled into the standard
    Robert> library, but probably not on the 2.5 time frame. The useful ones
    Robert> might be the system_info stuff (which you have recently become
    Robert> far too familiar with :-)), the build_src capabilities, colored
    Robert> output, and the Configuration object.

Any idea if patches for each could be created fairly easily for each of


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