[Numpy-discussion] Re: numexpr thoughts

David M. Cooke cookedm at physics.mcmaster.ca
Mon Mar 6 15:39:05 CST 2006

Robert Kern <robert.kern at gmail.com> writes:

> David M. Cooke wrote:
>> 5. Currently, we use a big switch statement. There are ways (taken
>>    from Forth) that are better: indirect and direct threading.
>>    Unfortunately, it looks the easy way to do these uses GCC's
>>    capability to take the address of local labels. I'll add that if I
>>    can refactor the machine enough so that both variants can be
>>    produced. Have a look at
>>    http://www.complang.tuwien.ac.at/anton/vmgen/
>>    which is the virtual machine generator used for gforth (but
>>    applicable to other things). I may use this.
> Hmmm. If LLVM weren't so huge and such a pain to install, I might recommend
> looking at using it. It could make a fun experiment, though.

Yeah, I had a look at that. PyPy is using it, so things could be
stolen from that.

Fortunately, our virtual machine can be simpler than most, because we
don't have conditionals or jumps :-)

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