[Numpy-discussion] Opinions on the book H.P. Langtangen: Python Scripting for Computational Science, 2nd ed.

Mark Heslep mark at mitre.org
Fri Mar 10 17:44:05 CST 2006

Chapter 8 Advanced Py is one of the best Python howto's Ive seen, and 
the other chapters covering the Numpy API and especially howto use are 

Bruce Southey wrote:

>I have the first edition which is very comprehensive on Python,
>numarray and Numeric - note that by NumPy he is means only Numeric and
>numarray and not the new numpy. If you have the basic of Python and
>numerical computing then it is a great book as it cover many different
>topics. For example, there is considerable detail on using Fortran and
>C/C++ with Numeric and numarray including examples.
>For the majority of the material in the book is still valid for the
>new Numpy. He does provide a number of advanced topics in Python,
>numarray and Numeric that are hard to find elsewhere.
>If you are going to extensive numerical work then it is really worth it.
>On 3/2/06, Zdeněk Hurák <hurak at control.felk.cvut.cz> wrote:
>>Can anybody recommend the book:
>>Python Scripting for Computational Science
>>Series: Texts in Computational Science and Engineering, Vol. 3
>>Langtangen, Hans Petter
>>2nd ed., 2006, XXIV, 736 p. 33 illus., Hardcover
>>ISBN: 3-540-29415-5
>>I am just a beginner in Python programming (but I master C, Matlab). I do
>>research in applied numerical computing (oriented at control design). Is
>>this a book for me? It is hard to guess just from the table contents. I
>>especially doubt if the information on Numpy package is relevant at all
>>with the wild development witnessed in the past recent months. However,
>>peeling off these "numerical" parts, isn't buying some comprehensive Python
>>book a better buy?
>>Thanks for your tips,
>>Zdenek Hurak
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