[Numpy-discussion] Numpy implementation of IDL & pdl's rebin?

Angus McMorland a.mcmorland at auckland.ac.nz
Sun Mar 12 10:02:02 CST 2006


I've been interested in switching from pdl and IDL to numpy (or its
predecessors) for a couple of years now, but have always been put off by
the lack of a simple, built-in n-dimensional rebin command for
re-sampling an array to any arbitrary dimensions. This is a feature I
require frequently in these other languages.

I came across this thread some time ago:
which discusses various implementation strategies and encouragingly
suggests the addition of a built-in command.

I haven't come across any progress since then and wondered if anything
had been done. At one stage I tried to implement one myself, but ran out
of time and got lost trying to find the required n-dimensional
interpolation routines.

Could someone please tell me if (a) something has been done, or (b) if
anyone with some experience in this area would be interested in
collaborating to complete the task?


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