[Numpy-discussion] Multiple inheritance from ndarray

Robert Lupton rhl at astro.princeton.edu
Tue Mar 21 11:10:02 CST 2006

Thanks Travis.

>> Unfortunately, the arr.view(subtype) fails:
>>     TypeError: Cannot change descriptor for objectarray.
>> [incidently, is that a typo for "object array"; the string's built
>> by "C string" "concatenation")?]
> Yes, I think so.  Hmm, it looks like you have object arrays  
> floating around which seems strange.

Do you know why I've acquired object arrays?  I don't understand enough
numpy guts to figure it out myself.  If it's an interesting question,
I can give you a complete tarball.

> So, I added back the UserArray to numpy.  Now, you can inherit from  
> numpy.lib.UserArray.UserArray just like before.

This is in the latest svn version?


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