[Numpy-discussion] array, asarray as contiguous and friends

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Thu Mar 23 15:42:04 CST 2006

Tim Hochberg wrote:

> Tangentially, I noticed that I can set ALIGNED to False. Isn't that 
> going to break something somewhere? Should the ALIGNED flag be readonly?

Responding to the tangential topic :-) 

The ALIGNED flag can be set False because it allows one to test those 
sections of code that deal with misaligned data.    I don't think it 
would break anything, because thinking that data is misaligned when it 
really is aligned only costs you in copy time.    You can't set it TRUE 
if it's really mis-aligned, though, because thinking that data is 
aligned when it's really mis-aligned can cause segfaults on some 
platforms and slow code on others.


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