[Numpy-discussion] Ransom Proposals

Gary Strangman strang at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Sat Mar 25 18:01:02 CST 2006

>> Or, you can use the reshape method instead of function.  I believe
>> numpy advocates use of methods instead of functions.  What you observe
>> is just another reason for that.  Since functions like reshape remain
>> in numpy primarily for backwards compatibility, I would be against any
>> change in semantics.
> Mmh.  I bet many people will continue to use the functional interface for a 
> long time.  I'd vote for uniform semantics before 1.0.  Really, the whole 
> 'reshape(foo) and foo.reshape() have different view/copy behavior' thing is 
> horrible.  WAY too easy to forget/confuse.  Special cases are /almost never/ 
> special enough to warrant this kind of extra mental overhead.

+1 from a strongly interested user

> At least I know /I/ will forget, get confused, and make mistakes.

Me too. Probably at least once/week. ;-)

> So I'd like to ask for as-uniform-as possible behavior.



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