Need more comments from scientific community on python-dev

Lisandro Dalcin dalcinl at
Wed Nov 1 09:47:29 CST 2006

On 10/31/06, Travis Oliphant <oliphant.travis at> wrote:
> I'm recruiting more comments on python-dev regarding my two proposals
> for improving Python's native ability to share ndarray-like information.

I believe there are another really important reason to support
Travis's proposal.

Python should have a general, simple, powerful and standard way to
associate type metadata to binary streams. This enables efficient
share or memory, but also can help a lot to achieve inter-language

As an example, I would to make some comments about MPI, the "de facto"
standard for message-passing in parallel computing. When MPI
specification was being developed, there were many different,
incompatible libraries for message passing, and many of them (ie. PVM)
usually communicated binary data following a pack/unpack approach. The
MPI Forum decided to add an alternative approach, adding a class
'MPI_Datatype', and many predefined instances of this class (MPI_INT,
MPI_FLOAT, etc.) in order to represent the basic datatypes (integers,
floats, strings, complex numbers) in C, Fortran, and C++. Predefined
MPI datatypes can be used as building blocks for describing very
complicated memory layouts and derived,nested structures. This way,
any implementations of this standard can support interprocess
communication in a multi-language, muti-architecture approach. MPI
datatypes can also be "decoded" in order to get the basic, predefined
types contained in a user-defined datatype.

I think the MPI example, despite being taken from a very specific
domain with particular needs, has a strong connection with Travis's
proposal. Pack/unpack degrades performance, but if you want to
efficiently share binary data (with other languages/architecture),
then a general and extensible mechanism for attaching type metadata to
binary streams must me defined.

I would like to know your opinions about this. Travis's datatypes in
Python should be more that something to share data, they should be
able to **describe** data. And I am not sure if ctypes can be be the
way. Can Jython take advantage of ctypes??? Or in the near future
CPython/Jython will have a 'jtypes' module? I forget! Travis/Pearu,
why don't you develop a 'ftypes' for Fortran binary data, and next ask
Python core developers to include it in standard library (a joke, of

Travis, if you think my previous example about MPI can help, I can
resend this post to Python-Dev. I ask you this because I really want
to help and not to make noise.


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