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Fernando Perez at
Thu Nov 2 10:00:31 CST 2006

On 11/2/06, Travis Oliphant <oliphant at> wrote:
> >Note that this is not a request to Travis to send me the latest version
> >by private email. That would be inefficient and my need is not that
> >urgent. Nevertheless I think that issue should be settled.
> >
> >
> There will be an update, soon. I'm currently working on the index,
> corrections, and formatting issues.

If I may make a suggestion, it would greatly increase the usability of
the PDF if it had internal and external clickable links, as well as a
PDF table of contents (the one that appears on the left sidebar of

Since I know the original is in Lyx, here's my standard preamble for
these kinds of documents, which includes all the goodies for
generating such a PDF, with some color and formatting tweaks so that
it prints legibly on black and white as well as looking nice on
screen.  If you add this to your preamble, a simple 'view->pdflatex'
should work.  I'll be happy to help if you have any issues.



%%% My preamble; tweak and season to taste:

% This gives us a better font in URL links (otherwise the default
% MonoSpace font is bitmapped, and it looks horrible in PDF)


\usepackage{color}  % so we can use red for the fixme warnings

% The hyperref package gives us a pdf with properly built
% internal navigation ('pdf bookmarks' for the table of contents,
% internal cross-reference links, web links for URLs, etc.)

% A few colors to replace the defaults for certain link types

  %pdftex,  % needed for pdflatex
  breaklinks=true,  % so long urls are correctly broken across lines

% This helps prevent overly long lines that stretch beyond the margins

% Define a \fixme command to mark visually things needing fixing in the draft.
% For final printing or to simply disable these bright warnings, simply
% uncomment the \renewcommand redefinition below

\newcommand{\fixme}[1] {
{\fbox{ {\bf FIX}
\ensuremath{\blacktriangleright \blacktriangleright \blacktriangleright}}
{\bf #1}
\fbox{\ensuremath{ \blacktriangleleft \blacktriangleleft \blacktriangleleft }
} } }
% Uncomment the next line to make the \fixme command be a no-op

%%% If you also want to use the listings package for nicely formatted
%%% Python source code, this configuration produces good on-paper and
%%% on-screen results:

% Use and configure listings package for nicely formatted code
  postbreak = \space\dots

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