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Fernando Perez at
Thu Nov 2 10:07:21 CST 2006

On 11/2/06, Travis Oliphant <oliphant at> wrote:

> Thanks for the pre-amble.  Does it require pdflatex?  I use ps2pdf
> because to generate the shaded boxes and graphics.  I could probably try
> to do it with pdflatex and png files but I haven't tried, yet.

I just tested it with ps2pdf on a document, and it worked fine.  If
you have problems, play with commenting (or not) the first option line
to hyperref:

  %pdftex,  % needed for pdflatex

In the copy I gave you it's commented out, so it /should/ work for
ps2pdf.  But I've had documents where I've had to uncomment it, and I
think at that point they stop working with ps2pdf, and yes, you lose
the usage of PostScript specials in that case (which I use for things
like whole-page DRAFT watermarks).



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