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Alan G Isaac aisaac at
Thu Nov 2 11:13:34 CST 2006

On Thu, 2 Nov 2006, Daran Rife apparently wrote: 
> Once a user purchases the document, how does s/he obtain 
> the latest version, when it becomes available? 

In addition to providing updates on an "as requested" basis,
Travis has made it clear that he will occasionally do a mass
mailing.  (At least it seems clear to me...)

I have a different suggestion for Travis:
I suggest each purchaser receive an ID which can be used for 
a download twice a year.  That will put these enquiries to 

> Looking forward to purchasing a copy, to show support for 
> NumPy--one of the best (free) scientific computing 
> packages available. 

It is also a very nice book.  If you had to repurchase it 
once every year or two, which you do not, it would still be 
a good deal.  So don't hesitate!  And make sure your library
and labs buy copies too!

Alan Isaac

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