Numeric 24.2 indexing problems with Python 2.5 and 64-bit platforms

Francesc Altet faltet at
Fri Nov 3 09:21:34 CST 2006


This is just to inform you that I've detected also problems with
indexation code in Numeric (24.2) with Python 2.5 and 64-bit
platforms. The next reproduces the issue:

>>> a=Numeric.array([1,0])
>>> a
array([1, 0])
>>> a[:]
zeros((0,), 'l')  # ??
# The order of values in the array doesn't seem to affect
>>> a=Numeric.array([0,1])
>>> a
array([0, 1])
>>> a[:]
zeros((0,), 'l')  # ?

I know that support for Numeric has officially ceased. This is just to
let others know that using latest Numeric with Python 2.5 and 64-bit
platforms (or, at very least, Linux64 on top of AMD64 :P) can lend to
pretty scaring results.


>0,0<   Francesc Altet
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