numarray indexing problems with Python2.5 and 64-bit platforms

Francesc Altet faltet at
Fri Nov 3 09:51:56 CST 2006

A Dijous 02 Novembre 2006 22:26, A. M. Archibald escrigué:
> On 02/11/06, Francesc Altet <faltet at> wrote:
> > I see this as a major issue in numarray and poses in great danger the
> > intended support of PyTables for numarray that we planned for some time
> > (until end of 2007). It would be nice to know if the numarray crew would
> > be willing to address this, or, now that NumPy 1.0 is out, they have
> > decided to completely drop the support for it.
> >
> > We'd really like to continue offering support for numarray (in the end,
> > it is a very good piece of software) in PyTables, but don't having a
> > solution for this problem anytime soon, will make this very problematic
> > to us.
> Someone has to say it: you could just drop support for the obsolete
> numarray and provide only support for its successor, numpy.

Yeah, that would be the easy path, agreed.  However, only God knows
how many code out there exists that still uses numarray (or Numeric).
We were optimistic that, given the implementation of the stunningly
efficient and easy-to-use array protocol in the three packages (NumPy,
numarray and Numeric), that very much boosted the interoperability
between them, support for all three would be a relatively easy thing
to keep in next release PyTables (with NumPy at its core).

Unfortunately, time has demonstrated how easy for a package to become
obsolete (and hence, useless) is. Just a new version of Python (2.5
this time) and the advent of 64-bit platforms has rendered obsolete
both numarray and Numeric in one shot. Mmm, perhaps it would make more
sense to support just numarray (and Numeric up to an extend) in just
32-bit platforms, but again, even that could be risky. Well, "que
sera, sera..." only time will say (as the song says).


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