compile numpy on Mac

Alan Isaac aisaac at
Mon Nov 6 14:09:12 CST 2006

Experience of a brand new Mac user.
Barebones numpy install on Python 2.5 on a MacBook.

1. Where is my shell?

By default, bash is '' in you applications folder.

2. Where is my editor?

You have many choices, but you can always start 'vim' from your bash shell.
Howevever, I just used the default configuration,
so no editor was needed. (Comment: I do not know if
this was a good decision, but I ended up with a working numpy.)

3. Where is my compiler?

The default OSX install does not include a compiler.
Go to and download the most 
recent Xcode.
(This is a very large download.)
Follow the easy installation directions in the accompanying 'readme' file.
(You must have administrative privileges.)

You will have to sign up for a free ADC account.

4. How to compile?

 From your bash shell, change to your build directory.
(I.e., wherever you unzipped your numpy tarball to.)
Do the usual:
python install
Compilation and installation takes a few minutes.
Then exit your shell.
You should be ready to go.

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