Passing numpy arrays to matlab

Andrew Straw strawman at
Mon Nov 6 23:03:18 CST 2006

David Cournapeau wrote:
>     - To send data from the calling process to matlab, you first have to 
> create a mxArray, which is the basic matlab handler of a matlab array, 
> and populating it. Using mxArray is very ackward : you cannot create 
> mxArray from existing data, you have to copy data to them, etc... 
My understanding, never having done it, but from reading the docs, is
that you can create a "hybrid array" where you manage the memory. Thus,
you can create an mxArray from existing data. However, the docs
basically say that this is too hard for most mortals (and they may well
be right -- too painful for me, anyway)!

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