Passing numpy arrays to matlab

David Cournapeau david at
Tue Nov 7 21:07:08 CST 2006

Josh Marshall wrote:
> Hi David,
> Did you have a look at mlabwrap? It's quite hard to find on the net,  
> which is a shame, since it is a much more up to date version,  
> enhancing pymat with the things that you are trying to do. It allows  
> passing arrays and getting arrays back.
I didn't know that, thanks. Unfortunately, it is not really what I am 
trying to do: mlabwrap is just a python interface a bit more high level 
than pymat, with many fancy tricks, but still do copies. What I would 
like is to avoid completely the copying by using proxy classes around 
data from numpy so that I can pass "automatically" numpy arrays to 
matlab C api, and a proxy class around data from matlab so that they 
look like numpy arrays.
    I don't care that much about the actual api from python point of 
view, because I intend to use this mainly to compare matlab vs numpy 
implementation, not as a way to use matlab inside python regularly. And 
once the copy problem is solved, adding syntactic sugar using python is 
easy anyway, I think (it should be easy to do something similar to 
mlabwrap at that point),



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