Int32s, scalar operations and Pyhon longs

Fernando Perez at
Thu Nov 9 02:40:33 CST 2006

I understand why this happens, but I wonder if it should be in any way
'fixed' (if that is even feasible without introducing other problems):

In [28]: x = 999999

In [29]: y = numpy.array([x])

In [30]: z = y[0]

In [31]: x==z
Out[31]: True

In [32]: x
Out[32]: 999999

In [33]: z
Out[33]: 999999

In [34]: x*x
Out[34]: 999998000001L

In [35]: z*z
Warning: overflow encountered in long_scalars
Out[35]: -729379967

I am sure it will be, to say the least, pretty surprising (and I can
imagine subtle bugs being caused by this).



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