slice assignment: strange behaviour

Alan G Isaac aisaac at
Thu Nov 9 10:43:22 CST 2006

On Wed, 08 Nov 2006, koara apparently wrote: 
> 'mat' is a numpy.array with shape=(22973, 1009), 
> 'vec' is a numpy.array with shape=(22973,), both of type int: 
> for i in xrange(1009): 
>     ... 
>     fr = vec[10001] 
>     mat[:, i] = vec # assign whole column 
>     if mat[10001, i] != fr: 
>         print "how come?" 
>      ... 
> for elements beyond index 10000, nothing is assigned (ie, 
> numpy.sum(mat[row, :]) is zero for any row > 10000). 

Using numpy 1.0 and trying the code below,
I do not see the problem.

import numpy
from numpy import random
m = random.randint(0,1000,(22973,1009))
v =  random.randint(0,1000,(22973,))
fr = v[10001]
for i in xrange(1009):
    m[:,i] = v
    if m[10001, i] != fr:
        print m[10001,i], fr

Upgrading to numpy 1.0 should be easy enough and may fix 
your problem.

Alan Isaac

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