Grief with a complex value

joris at joris at
Thu Nov 9 16:45:21 CST 2006

   [CJ]: I didn't find "frombuffer" in the Numpy Examples List. 

I just added a frombuffer() example (the 197th example!) which
I extracted from your mail.

   [CJ]: Incidentally, the List is a big help but it would be even better if 
   [CJ]: included the signatures of the functions.
Good idea! There are some other things, though, that are slightly higher
on my priority list. First, the NumPy Example List could be more complete.
Secondly, the alphabetic hyperlink list of NumPy functions is getting so long 
that it's becoming difficult for new people to grasp what NumPy can do. 
So I would like to add a categorized overview of the NumPy functions.



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