automatic differentiation using custom ndarray?

Matthew Koichi Grimes mkg at
Thu Nov 9 19:49:02 CST 2006

I'd love to be able to do automatic differentiation using numpy
ndarrays. There are some AD libraries in C++ that work through operator
overloading on custom numeric types (e.g. "adouble"). I have no
experience in in creating custom ndarrays, but would it be a huge
project (or even possible) to make a custom ndarray that used such
augmented numeric types? From reading Jonathan Wang's thread

it seemed like ndarrays with custom numeric types are still a work in

I'm thinking specifically of the ADOL-C library, but if people with
experience with various AD libraries have a better recommendation, I'd
be all ears. I've also looked at CPPAD, but it doesn't seem to operate
nearly as transparently.

-- Matt

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