Assign NaN, get zero

Keith Goodman kwgoodman at
Sat Nov 11 12:40:22 CST 2006

I accidentally wrote a unit test using int32 instead of float64 and
ran into this problem:

>> x = M.matrix([[1, 2, 3]])
>> x[0,1] = M.nan
>> x
matrix([[1, 0, 3]])   <--- Got 0 instead of NaN

But this, of course, works:

>> x = M.matrix([[1.0, 2.0, 3.0]])
>> x[0,1] = M.nan
>> x
matrix([[ 1.        ,         nan,  3.        ]])

Is returning a 0 instead of NaN the expected behavior?

If so do I need to check dtype before inserting NaNs? And if the dtype
is int32, then raise an exception?

I'm using 1.0rc1 from debian etch.

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