sparse SVD

A. M. Archibald peridot.faceted at
Sat Nov 11 16:57:24 CST 2006

On 11/11/06, koara <koara at> wrote:
> Hello, is there a way to do SVD of large sparse matrices efficiently in
> python? All i found was scipy (little sparse support, no SVD), pysparse
> (no SVD) and PROPACK (no python). Out of these, PROPACK seems the most
> enticing choice, but i have no experience porting fortran code and this
> seems too big a bite. Any pointers or suggestions are most welcome!

Numpy includes the program "f2py" for generating python wrappers for
fortran code; it's not too difficult to use, even for a non-fortran
programmer like me.

If you do write wrappers, please send them to the scipy list - it's
always good to build up the library.

A. M. Archibald

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