why the difference between ipython and python shell?

Sven Schreiber svetosch at gmx.net
Tue Nov 14 03:50:44 CST 2006

Charles R Harris schrieb:

>     In [1]: from scipy import linalg
>     In [2]: help(linalg.eig)

>     >>> from scipy import linalg
>     >>> help(linalg.eig)
>     Help on function eig in module scipy.linalg.decomp:
> I expect scipy.linalg and numpy.linalg are different modules containing
> different functions. That said, the documentation in scipy.linalg looks
> quite a bit more complete.
> Chuck

Sure, but Seweryn used the same import statement from scipy and never
explicitly referred to numpy, so there must be some subtle import voodoo
going on. Or did you not show us everything, Seweryn?


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