why the difference between ipython and python shell?

Seweryn Kokot skokot at po.opole.pl
Tue Nov 14 04:05:19 CST 2006

Sven Schreiber <svetosch at gmx.net> writes:
> Sure, but Seweryn used the same import statement from scipy and never
> explicitly referred to numpy, so there must be some subtle import voodoo
> going on. Or did you not show us everything, Seweryn?

It's all ok now, It was my mistake. The problem was that in ipython I
typed "from scipy import linalg" which is wrong and being surprised by the
output I open python shell and tried different combinations of import,
among others "from scipy import *" and this is the reason of the
difference. So now in ipython I get the same output when typing
Sorry for bothering you,

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